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Searchform API package for GOL IBE (flights)

Search form is in directory compact-d4.

The structure of directories and files in compact-d4 directory:
images             DIR  Contains used pictures, icons and fonts.
flights-d4.js      FILE Scripting file.
flights-d4.css     FILE Stylesheet for HTML search form.
index.{lang}.html  FILE Default HTML page (There can be more copies of this file, each with a language code included in its
                        filename. Please select your default language and rename the file for the desired language to index.html).
config.{lang}.js   FILE Generated language dependent frontend configuration. This file should be regularly refreshed.
configRefresh.php  FILE Config refresh utility written in PHP.   FILE Config refresh utility written in BASH.

Implementation details
1. AJAX calendar and destination autocomplete functionality works only with the UTF-8 character table for data exchange.

2. The package uses local configuration file (config.en.js) which is generated from your frotntend. It has to be regenerated after every dealer configuration change (or you can refresh it regularly).

3. The package includes scripts for configuration regeneration written in PHP and BASH. You can write your own depending on your server architecture.

The API package should be prepared for your website and according to your requirements. If the package doesn't work, please check the following:

If the Searchform API package doesn't work properly, try to implement the original package to a blank page on your server a check the result.
It is possible that the problem is related to the CSS or scripting on your target page.